Gemma Hayes – vinyl test pressings for Night&Day approved


Gemma (pictured) in the studio at FX in the midst of approving the vinyl cut of her forthcoming Live album – Night&Day.

Pictorially… a white label is… well… its a white label test pressing = doesn’t look particularly exciting, does it..?!?

But… actually… it really is… and certainly was… when we were all listening back the very first time.

‘cos – the warmth of vinyl – that old, well-worn phrase holds true.

Not sure how or why… but, something magical has happened… And, we all felt it on that first play-back – its like the music has, somehow, taken on an added dimension via what some might construe as an old-fashioned medium; a warmth and a depth that, somehow, just doesn’t translate digitally.

Are we excited about this? Just a little..!

Anyhow… manufacturing is now underway… which means we’re just a few weeks away from having the finished items ready to be sent out.

(pictures taken at FX courtesy of Simon Long / Gemma’s manager)

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