Copies of Evening Blue have become available to buy – here

Copies of Evening Blue have become available to buy – here

Although Evening Blue has – technically – sold out, we’ve recently been given back a number of unsold copies from Ama*on. Which makes the term sold-out a fine contradiction in terms, don’t you think!? You’re either sold out or you’re not… Either you’re pregnant or not – you can’t be a little bit pregnant. But, it seems we can be a “little bit sold out”.

Confused?… don’t be.

These remaining copies of Evening Blue are now for sale exclusively here. There’s not many and genuinely, that’ s all there is.

These editions are still in their sealed unopened boxes. The book-set is shrink-wrapped and inside the wrapping is a verification of the limited edition number by one of the HiddenMasters directors. The book is housed in it’s own expanded polystyrene case, wrapped in stiff brown cardboard.

Go to OUR SHOP for details about ordering and getting accurate shipping costs for your address – UK and international.

Here’s to Shindig

We’d just like to give a shoutout to Shindig, which is a a great music magazine that have an interview with Neil about the Chris Wood Evening Blue project. If you’ve never heard of them here’s their description of themselves, though their website has some pretty interesting stuff on it. A publication put together with… Continue Reading

Chris Wood’s “Evening Blue” takes shape

For loyal fans following the progress of the Chris Wood ‘retrospective’ (Evening Blue), Neil’s has been working at FX Mastering with Richard Whittaker who have worked on the vinyl album – sequenced as per the original Chris Wood reels that were originally engineered by Terry Barham.     Oh, and as a further short update, the… Continue Reading