Evening Blue is the  first ever celebration of  Chris Wood‘s life in music; co-founder of Traffic, sideman to Jimi Hendrix, Free, Third World, Nick Drake, Sky, John Martyn, Dr John, Ginger Baker, Gordon Jackson and many, many more. Curated in close collaboration with his sister, Steph Wood – Evening Blue features his long-thought-lost solo LP on vinyl from tapes found in 2013 and 4CDs of 66 tracks all in a 212-page hard back book.  There is also an abridged version – with new interviews and pictures in Moon Child Vulcan also available here.

What is Evening Blue?

Sixty six tracks later...

Moon Child Vulcan

The story of Vulcan

The reviews from the music press

About Chris Wood

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We do have some final copies left. They are not pristine but if you are interested and wanting details let us know.