HiddenMasters is a pioneering contemporary music archive service – established to serve an important but neglected market.

Many artists who were popular 30 to 40 years ago have extensive musical legacies that have never been properly documented. Indeed, in many instances, only a small proportion of their recordings have ever been digitised.

By combining specialist knowledge to exhaustive research and digital renovation, HiddenMasters facilitates the discovery of long-forgotten music within these artist’s catalogues that masters’ rights holders in many instances don’t even know exists.

In doing so, HiddenMasters generates previously untapped revenue streams for those masters’ rights owners as well as publishers and artists alike.

Nevertheless, HiddenMasters isn’t confined to artists who were current decades ago – far from it; the company has collaborated with Chasing Dragons, Gemma Hayes’ imprint on very limited run editions of two new releases that were issued in 2014 & ‘15.

As much as each ‘legacy set’ is career defining, each ‘new set’ is prepared with the same care and attention to detail – each is the aural equivalent of a Genesis Editions book and all are undertaken in full collaboration with the artist (or their estate) with exemplary design and packaging being standard.

With Hidden Masters | The Jess Roden Anthology (issued in 2013) sold out, the next legacy edition is Evening Blue, centered around co-founder of Traffic, Chris Wood – a lavish, 212page hardback book edition comprising 4CDs and the first ever release on vinyl of his long-thought- lost solo LP. Evening Blue will be issued via Caroline International on February 3, 2017.

In development (and due for release during the Summer of 2017) is Parabolically Yours – an omnibus edition charting the three decade stop-start career of Manchester’s The Distractions.  Due for release in late 2017 will be The Complete Bumpers – a first-ever reissue of the first of the two classic Island records double album samplers, originally issued in 1970; planned as a 4LP set, this edition will include the version of Bumpers released in Australia and New Zealand which featured a radically different track listing to its UK counterpart.

2018 will see Harlequin, a career-defining Heads Hands & Feet set as well as a El Pea, the second of the two classic Island double-album samplers (from 1971) and Smile Jamaica – one of the finest of all JA compilations, only ever before available on cassette when it was issued in 1984 via The NME; the HiddenMasters edition will be a double-vinyl album set and feature the original artwork by Ian Wright.

Further deep-archive projects are at varying levels of development.

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