Monthly Archives: July 2013

Chris Wood left this world 30 years ago today….

  Today, 12 July, marks the 30th anniversary of Chris Wood’s death. Chris Wood made music. He created it, he invented it, he refined it, made it unique and then he played and played and played. Music was Wood’s all-consuming passion and it never went away. Ever. He couldn’t walk down a country road without… Continue Reading

Jess Roden’s interview names names

Just listened to BBC’s whispering Bob Harris’ interview with Jess Roden which can be found here for the next seven days. Bob calls the Anthology, “an absolutely wonderful book set.” We like Bob. (interview comes in at 2.24.18.) Also in the interview Jess explains the discovery of unheard material being published on his Anthology for… Continue Reading

Looking for Bronco fans of 1971, Dorderecht

Please take a look at the Bronco pictures taken on this website. Ron de Brujin has posted a request on the DordCentraal site asking people to identify  the people in the pictures. Were you attending this event in 1971? ~ Here’s an interpretations of the text – care of Google’s translation and a bit of… Continue Reading