We are incredibly excited to report that the finished packages are now in shipping depots in the UK. And they weigh a ton. We knew each box was going to be over 2 kilos but crikey! they weigh a ton when you’re moving them around. What a workout!

Earlier this week we drove across the Midlands to see Steph Wood and her husband Brian, where we opened the first box. (I don’t remember hearing anyone breathing whilst we were doing this bit.) then we went quiet whilst we looked through the pages…

I suppose after all the year of page proofs, PDFs.. you think you have an idea of what the finished product will look like, but until it’s in your hands – you really have no idea. Well we are truly chuffed.

Most of all – we hope we have done what we can to honour Chris Wood’s music and give it the attention and acknowledgement it

justly deserves.